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Ethan Lockwood

Senior Project Manager
Fun Fact
I jump into any and all alpine rivers and lakes though never head first
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Ethan Lockwood joined the Washington Water Trust in 2019 with a passion for supporting thriving communities, thriving nature, and thriving recreational experiences throughout Washington. Ethan grew up in Laramie, WY where a strong land ethic and concern for social justice was instilled in him during long alpine hikes and drives through the Wyoming steppe by his father, an entomologist, and mother, a social worker. He has a Masters in Community and Regional Planning and has spent the past years working with forest and recreation collaboratives and land management agencies to accelerate the pace and scale of restoration. He has helped pilot the use of innovative tools including Human Ecology Mapping, Good Neighbor Authority, Stewardship Timber Sales, and Conservation Financing for cross-boundary collaborative recreation and restoration planning and projects. When not at work, he can be found drinking black coffee and skiing, running, backpacking, and climbing across WA as long as the caffeine lasts.