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South Prairie Creek

WHERESouth Prairie Creek is a major tributary to the Carbon River which flows into the Puyallup River and empties into Puget Sound at Commencement Bay. The Puyallup-White River Watershed is in Pierce County.
WhoPierce Conservation District (PCCD), Cascade Land Conservancy (CLC), Pierce County Water Programs, Washington Department of Ecology, Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Puyallup River Watershed Council, and Puyallup Tribe
whenOngoing since 2004
For more than 40 years, a premier salmon stream shared habitat with the cows of the Inglin Dairy. In 2004, Pierce Conservation District acquired the property with the goal of restoring the surrounding floodplain to improve habitat conditions for native fish. Since then, 25 acres of native riparian vegetation have been reestablished, and Washington Water Trust is working closely with the conservation district to place the water that was formerly used for irrigation on the now restored lands into the Trust Water Program. They will be protected permanently for salmon in South Prairie Creek.  As the most important spawning stream in the Puyallup watershed, South Prairie Creek supports six species of salmon: Puget Sound Chinook, chum, coho, coastal cutthroat and steelhead.

Further, the farms legacy of agriculture will also continue. Through the work of Mother Earth Farms, the farm continues to operate organically. It supports a CSA (community support agriculture program) and provides produce to the local food bank.