Washington Water Trust

Working to restore our state's rivers and streams.

Stream Restoration

Why do our state's rivers and streams need restoring?

Quite simply, society's demand for water is exceeding supply. We need water to drink, and water for sanitation. We need water to grow food, raise livestock and support fish. We need water to run our homes, businesses and industries. As more and more people live in our state, there is more and more demand for the liquid gold that flows in our state's rivers and streams—water.

When flows are low, streams become impassable. Adult fish cannot make their way up to reproduce. Young fish cannot make their way back to the ocean to grow into adults. Already imperiled species thus become even more imperiled; the ecosystem, even more imbalanced. 

Washington Water Trust takes pride in designing flow restoration solutions that respect and honor the needs of all partieis involved—not only the fish, but, of the utmost importance, the landowners, the irrigation and conservation districts, the tribes and communities, too. What can result from this kind of collaboration is nothing short of extraordinary.

Stream Restoration Projects