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Northwest Water Banking — Meetings instreams and out of stream water needs in the Pacific Northwest, by Amanda Cronin and Lara Fowler

The Economic Value of Water for Agricultural, Domestic and Industrial Uses: A Global Compilation of Economic Studies and Market Prices — Water Economics and Valuation 

Climate Change and Water, IPCC Reports — Flow Ecology 

Managing the Columbia River: Instream Flows, Water Withdrawals, and Salmon Survival, National Academy of Sciences — Flow Ecology 

Frequently Asked Questions on Changes to Water Use in the Dungeness Watershed — What homeowners, builders and real estate agents need to know about water for a new home or project.

Setting and Protecting Flows in the Dungeness River — This publication focuses on the proposed summer and early fall flows the rule would establish for the Dungeness River (“instream flows”), and explains the difference between instream flows set in rule and the target restoration flows for the same period.

Water Exchange FAQ: The proposed Dungeness rule would include the creation of a Dungeness Water Exchange, to provide water to offset new uses.

Upper Kittitas Ground Water Rule

Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Flow for the Yakima River Basin Aquifer System (17MB, PDF)

Dungeness Groundwater Modeling Evaluation of Full Buildout in the Dungeness River Area (5.6MB, PDF)