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Dungeness Water Exchange Mitigation Guide

Indoor and Outdoor Water Mitigation Package

The Exchange offers a variety of water mitigation packages. DWE has three indoor and outdoor mitigation packages, described in the table below. The indoor-only mitigation package is for "domestic" purposes only, as defined by the Rule. An outdoor mitigation package reflects the maximum amount of water that you agree to use on your property from your permit-exempt well. Indoor-only packages are available without geographic restrictions. However, packages with outdoor use may be unavailable, depending on the location of the property. Review this map to find out where outdoor mitigation packages are unavailable, and read more on the Clallam County Permitting Office's Dungeness Water Rule website.  Please note that exterior water use with Basic Outdoor and Extended Outdoor packages is limited to the irrigation season (April 15th - September 15th). 

Stockwater Mitigation Packages

DWE also offers three sizes of stockwater mitigation packages. The three tiers of stockwater mitigation are described in the table below. Learn more by reading the announcement letter.  

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