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Dungeness Water Exchange Mitigation Guide

Do You Need to Mitigate? 

1Use this map to find out if you are in the Dungeness Water Rule Area (DWRA) by entering the first 12 digits of your parcel number in the "Zoom to Parcel" field at the bottom. 

2 Any approved and maintained water use prior to the Dungeness Water Rule (January 2, 2013) is not subject to the rule and does not require mitigation. 

3 In order to maintain a right to water in WA state, the water must be beneficially used at least once every 5 years. 

4 Mitigation Applications require an active Building Permit or Land Division number to be processed. Example projects: subdividing property, building a new home, building a new accessory dwelling unit. 

Further Mitigation Guidance

For mitigation related to a building permit project click here for BPT Mitigation Process.

For mitigation related to a land division project click here for LDV Mitigation Process. 

Contact Information

For more information about the Dungeness Water Exchange contact