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Tuesday, October 16

8:00am - 5:00pm, 2018 AWRA Washington State Conference

Hirst, Foster, Boldt, and Beyond: A New Era of Water Management? 

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Save the Date! The 2018 AWRA Washington State Conference will be held on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at the Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

The conference theme is based on the premise that historically, decisions on water management under prior appropriation have been rigid, prescriptive and narrowly defined.  The water code, which was adopted first in 1917, has remained fundamentally the same since then, with a few notable changes including the passage of ESSB 6091 this last year.  Current water supply needs have created a desire for changes, flexibility, and creativity in the use of water.  Up until now, these attempts have been rejected by the Washington State Supreme Court's application of the State's ridged code and case law framework.  This conference will explore how significant legal cases such as Hirst, Foster, and Postema, as well as implications from the Boldt decision, are driving a New Era of Water Management. 

The conference registration will open on July 9th on AWRA-WA's website.  The keynote speaker will be Leon Szeptycki, form the Stanford Woods Institute.  His work includes issues related to stream flow restoration in the context of western water law and increasing human demands.  The conference will involve a detailed look into the implementation of ESSB 6091, including a panel on "net ecological benefits," which is a new standard established in the law.  Panelists will also look ahead at the future of water management, especially in the context of potential impacts from climate change.  And, as usual, the conference will have excellent food and an evening reception. 

Stay tuned for more details!