Washington Water Trust

Working to restore our state's rivers and streams.

Saturday, July 28

10:00am - 4:00pm, Top of the Peaks Sprouting Streamflows Homebrew Competition

NW Peaks Brewery's next Top of the Peaks pro-am will support our efforts to put more water back into our streams and rivers. We recently partnered with Mainstem Malt to launch our Sprouting Streamflows initiative helping farmers transition from water intensive crops to dry-farmed (no-to-low irrigation) malting grains. Mainstem Malt works with these farmers in the Pacific Northwest to grow the malting grains, like barley and winter wheats and then creates awesome craft malt for the local brewing, baking and distilling industries. 

This Pro-Am competition will benefit Washington Water Trust and Mainstem Malt in multiple ways. First, contestants and NW Peaks will be brewing and showcasing Mainstem Malt's water-saving malt products. Second, a portion of the Pro-Am beer sales will be donated to WWT to help support our efforts to keep more water in stream for salmon, steelhead, wildlife and people! Lastly, NW Peaks will continue to stock Mainstem malts so homebrewers have access to sustainable brewing products. 

Competition Details 

Beer Requirements: 
Beer entries must be brewed with 80% of the grist using Mainstem Malt's 2017 Walla Walla Genie Pale malt, selected by NW Peaks specifically for its unique and delicious properties! The malt can be purchased from NW Peaks Brewery's Hillman City location (5718 Rainier Ave S, Seattle). Any beer can be brewed, but when selecting the pro-am beer to brew, tiebreakers will go to the beer that best showcases the craft malt. Malt will be available for purchase by the pound ($1.95/lb) at NW Peaks Hillman City starting Thursday, May 10th. 

Entry Requirements: 

  • NW Peaks will accept any style, and will judge any style, however keep in mind they are specifically looking for and will only brew a commercially viable beer. As mentioned above, 80% of the grist will be Mainstem 2017 Walla Walla Genie Pale malt. 
  • No entry fee required. 
  • Brewers must fill out one BJCP Recipe Form* per entry. 
  • Three (3) capped, plain brown 12oz. bottles with BJCP Bottle ID* label affixed with a rubber band per entry--bottles will not be returned. 
  • All entries must be delivered, during normal business hours, to NW Peaks Hillman City Tap Room at 5718 Rainier Ave S or NW Peaks Ballard at 4818 17th Ave NW, where they will be properly stored until judging. 
  • Entries will be accepted up to business close on July 28th. 
  • The competition winner will be notified in early August.
  • The winning entry will be brewed at our Hillman City Brew House, and the winner is invited to join in and experience brewing on NW Peak's system. 
  • NW Peaks will notify the winner to coordinate a time to brew the winning beer. 
  • NW Peaks reserves the right to adjust the recipe as needed to accommodate our system and resources. The recipe will be property of NW Peaks Brewery for any future use. 
* this is NOT a BJCP sanctioned competition. To download the BJCP 2015 Guidelines, Recipe Form and Bottle ID labels, go to: