Washington Water Trust

Working to restore our state's rivers and streams.

Tuesday, March 27

6:00pm - 8:00pm, Sprouting Streamflows: A happy hour to support salmon and steelhead!

Featuring Westland Whiskey, Fremont and Stoup craft beer, and a chance to win Filson gear! 

Filson Flagship Store 
1741 1st Ave S. 
Seattle, WA 98134

6-8 pm 
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sprouting Streamflows, a partnership between Washington Water Trust (WWT) and Mainstem Malt, aims to improve flows in our state's rivers and streams, so salmon and steelhead can spawn. 

WWT is a nonprofit that protects and restores streamflows in salmon-critical waterways across the state. Mainstem Malt supplies craft brewers, distillers and bakers with top-shelp "Malt that Matters," premium grains that require little to no water to grow. 

Register here, and be a part of a conservation movement powered by beer, spirit and artisan bread fans!