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Working to restore our state's rivers and streams.

  • See Your Impact: 2019 Impact Report

    Read about some of the impact highlights on Washington's rivers and streams that you helped make possible in 2019!

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  • Explore the Teanaway River

    Explore our Teanaway Story Map to see how WWT works with Teanaway landowners to ensure enough water remains in stream at the right time, so fish, farms, businesses and wildlife can all benefit.
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  • Dungeness Water Exchange

    Since 2013, water use by more than 280 new structures in the Dungeness basin has been mitigated to have no net impact on the river's streamflow. Read the latest news and info on this program
  • Wondering how the Trust Water Rights Program Can Work for You?

    WWT Project Manager, Kristina Ribellia explains how landowners and water rights holders can benefit from the State's Trust Water Rights Program. You can watch a recording of her full presentation here. 
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  • You Can Make a Difference!

    Take action today to help restore and protect Washington's rivers and streams so that fish, people and wildlife can all thrive
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Washington Water Trust fosters healthy streams throughout Washington by preserving and restoring the flow of water. We work with many partners to implement voluntary initiatives that help direct water back into our rivers and tributaries when and where it is needed most for conservation and preservation of habitat.


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